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I had a couple of calls today about job opportunities at other CEP sites. This blog has turned into such a “public forum” that I am hesitant about posting all the information online because then we just end up serving as a job board for everyone and our out of work 630/1123 members aren’t really getting the advantage we’d envisioned.
So what I’m going to try is sending out blanket emails when I receive this sort of information. At the start, people who ask to receive the list will get everything, and I will work towards sorting and sending appropriate information to people.

If you are interested in being on the list, send an email to this link JobOps with the words “Job Postings” as the subject line.
In the body of the email give us your name and a little information about yourself, so we know you’re really who you say you are. And then whenever we have a request, we’ll send it out to you.

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Work Opportunities in Powell River – Gate Hires

As part of their cost cutting initiatives last year, the Locals in Powell River agreed that under certain conditions they would allow the Company to utilize gate hires. The agreement gave laid off Catalyst Employees from the other divisions first opportunity for gate hire work.
The company is now in the process of implementing the agreement and are canvasing for a list of people that are interested in working as gate hires at the Powell River Division.

For any of you that are interested in occasional work in Powell River, its important to note that under their gate hire agreement:

You do not get paid travel or medical benefits.
You will be required to pay union dues to the Local there.
You and the Company will make pension contributions into the Pulp & Paper Pension Plan for all hour worked.

Here’s the request the company sent us:

As per our discussion, we are presently building a list of employees who are interested in working at Powell under our new Gate Hire Agreement.  Although there will be more work opportunities for laid-off trades people, we are also interested in hearing from operators for possible hatch watch, fire watch, and labouring opportunities.  Employees who are interested can contact Cathy Lindenthaler at 604-483-2630.

It will be required on an as-needed basis depending on manning needs. This could be for longer shuts, unscheduled down-time or major planned downs (Power Boiler and Total Mill Outages).  Once an employee has their name on the list, we would call in the event we need them.  At this time, we do not have any dates in mind but want to be prepared to execute the gate hire program when we need to.  Our Power Boiler down is scheduled to take place from Nov. 15-24 and we are presently determining manning needs.

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S/D Work Opportunity for Pipefitters

Ken Birchard just stopped by the office to say there is a 10-day shutdown starting Sept 12, and he understands they still require ticketed pipefitters. It’s at a Shell Plant so you’re required to have a valid H2S ALive cert.
Anyone interested can get more info by calling Ken @ (250) 923-4905

If anyone else has any info they are willing to share about available work, leave a comment on this post.

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4th Class Power Engineering Course coming this fall.

Any of you who signed up with North Island College at the oil and gas information session back in early June would have gotten this email already but for others who may be interested, here is what we’ve been told so far. Once we receive more info, we’ll post that as well.


North Island College in collaboration with BCIT has dedicated resources to address the design of a face to face local Power Engineering – 4th Class program, to meet the immediate training needs of local displaced workers across the North Island.

Instructor: We have successfully recruited a former BCIT instructor who has recently relocated to Courtenay.  A formal introduction to the instructor will roll out via email mid July.

Firing Time:We continue to seek support and advise re: firing time and related protocols. Post-secondary institutions have no authority as to firing time, however we are seeking guidance from Regional Safety Authority, as we recognize the value of firing time with respect to your training and career goals.

Program Introduction:The 4th Class Power Engineering program provides instruction to learners pursuing their Class 4 Power Engineering credential.   Power engineers maintain, operate, and manage pressurized equipment and systems. Power engineers operate, maintain, and manage industrial plants that use equipment such as boilers and refrigeration units. In every Canadian province and territory, only certified power engineers are permitted to operate such equipment.  The BCIT Power Engineering programs provides students with the theory and skills to prepare students to complete the interprovincial exams to become a certified power engineer. Certification is based on training requirements and examinations as administered by the BC Safety Authority.

Program Pre-requisites:Those who wish to enroll in the program are required to have a good command of written English.  It is advised that applicants have a minimum of Math 11 to complete the program.

Application Process:Program applicants will register directly with North Island College and the official registration date will be announced by July 13, 2009.

DRAFT Program Schedule:The following program schedule has been determined based on required time to complete training plans and secure relevant funding.   The schedule provides learners with study time during the day.

Full time, Face to Face Program.  December break due to required study/prep for Paper B and Christmas Break.

  • Fourth Class Paper A – 320 hour of instruction over 12 weeks
    • Dates:  September 14 – December 4 , 2009
    • Hours: 3:00-5:30pm; ½ hour break; 6-8:30pm
  • Fourth Class Paper B – 320 hours of instruction over 12 weeks
    • Dates:  January 4 – March 26, 2010
    • Hours: 3:00-5:30pm; ½ hour break; 6-8:30pm
  • Additional time will be required for firing time.

Tuition : To be confirmed once we acquire additional details as to options specific to firing time.

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Nexen Job Fair

Nexen’s Long Lake Division will be in Campbell River for an  information session on June 23rd at the Anchor Inn. The times are from 1-3 and from 7-9 pm. This will be an opportunity for you and your family to hear what they can offer. Our understanding is they are offering fulltime jobs for people that are willing to relocate to Fort McMurray. Nexen is asking people that are interested to go online and apply, or to bring their resume with them to one of the meetings. They won’t be interviewing at the information sessions, but will accept resumes there. We will put up more information as we get it and there will be an ad in the local paper (Mirror) closer to the date.
You can get more information at either of these two sites

Nexen Long Lake

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Nexen Recruitment Drive – June 22, 23

NIEFS contacted us today to give a heads up that NEXEN will be in Campbell River June 22 – 23 on a recruitment drive.  You can go the the Nexen website to get an idea what opportunities currently exist.

On June 17 & 18, NIEFS is offering a 2-day workshop that will prepare people who plan on pursuing opportunities with Nexen or other similar opportunities in oil and gas, to translate their skills sets and target their resumes for oil and gas and develop an effective multi-pronged job search approach.

Because the workshop will be very focused on resumes, online applications & using computers, there are limits to how many people can take the course this time around. NIEFS will offer additional workshops if there is demand but for this first one, they’d really like to target individuals who are serious about pursuing the current opportunities with Nexen.

Anyone interested in this workshop should contact their advisor at NIEFS.

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Petroleum Industry transition meeting

We had the meeting between our members and the Petroleum industry yesterday. It was well attended by about 65 members of the two locals and was about 4 hours long. I got good feedback from members that attended and would be interested in what members I didn’t get a chance to talk to thought about the way it went.

Did it work for you?

Would you like us to do more of this kind of work?

What did you like or not like?

I would love to have some feedback on this site? Please leave comments.

I plan on setting up another page in the near future on employment. It will be  a place people can share where they are working, what worked for them, how they found work ect. I know alot of members are working out of town and think this would be a good tool for getting members work!

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