Elk Falls Workers

Campbell River B.C.

630 Christmas Dance

2014 – 630 Christmas Dinner & Dance

Maritime Heritage Centre


621 N Island Highway  Campbell River
Friday November 28th – 6:00pm to 1:00am

Open to both 630 & 1123 Members

$Cost: $20Single or $30 per couple

Contact Doug at  (250) 286-1652 or ellisdh@shaw.ca


Ron at (250) 218-4147

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Final Retiree Benefits Arbitration…

Members who were aged 55 or older when they took severance from Catalyst – Elk Falls were enrolled in and started to received post retirement benefits immediately after severing.
In late 2011  the Company did an audit of when people currently on benefits had applied for and started receiving their Pulp & Paper Pension.  They discovered that a number of people who were in receipt of post retirement benefits hadn’t started the process to draw their pension upon severance.    The Company stopped paying benefits for this group of ex members, and we filed a grievance which proceeded to arbitration.

Arbitrator Dorsey was appointed to hear our grievance, and he issued his award yesterday. His award followed similar guidelines as used by Arbitrator Hall in an earlier arbitration concerning severance and receipt of post retirement benefits.  See Posts from Oct 24, 2012

This award also divides people effected into 3 categories.

1) Anyone who retired within the first 8 months following application for severance would qualify for all retiree benefits (MSP, Extended Health, and Pop-up Bridging).

2) People who retired later than 8 months after applying for severance, but earlier than 20 months after applying for severance will receive retiree medical benefits only (MSP, Extended Health, but not Pop-up Bridging)

3) People that retired later than 20 months or that didn’t retire at all do not receive any post retirement benefits.

There will be no retro-activity for retiree benefits, and they will be implemented as soon as possible on a going forward basis. (ideally by July 1, 2013)

Because this award (like the last) is full of personal details I will not be posting it, but will be contacting effected people to let them know their status.

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LTD Recalc Arbitration…

After several years making it’s way through the grievance procedure, and over a year of waiting for a decision after a hearing that was held in 2011, we have finally received the arbitrators award on the recalculation of Long Term Disability Insurance benefit grievance.

For those of you that don’t recall what the issue was… and I can’t blame anyone for forgetting…..

In 2008 we negotiated changes to the language that specifies how people on LTDI have their benefit level recalculated. Changes to both the frequency of updates and the formula used for the updates, were made. Then in May 2009 employees qualified for a wage increase. (even though most were laid off and only a handful were working because of the indefinite curtailment) We inquired whether the employer had done the recalculations for those currently receiving LTDI benefits, and if not yet, when were they to be done? The employer’s response was that only those individuals who went onto LTDI after the agreement came into effect in December 2008 would be having their benefits recalculated using the new language.  We launched a grievance and now have our answer.

The Arbitrator found that the changes negotiated should apply to both groups of LTDI employees. Not just those who went onto benefits after the 2008- 2012 collective agreement was signed, but also those that were already on benefits before the agreement.

We still have many details to work out with the employer, but it does look like we’re getting closer to having the adjustments made. We will keep people updated as we work through the process.


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CEP Construction/Maintenance shutdown Job Openings – 2013

For anyone that may be looking for work there are a number of job postings listed here.

They are mostly for trades, but there is sometimes labouring and equipment operator work.The list gets updated quite frequently, so check back regularly.

If you know anyone who is interested, let them know.

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Celebration of Life for Steve Curley

Many of you will remember Steve Curley. He worked at Elk Falls as an electrician from 1981 up until his retirement at the end of 2008. Sadly Steve’s retirement has ended far too soon. He passed away on November 15th at the age of 62.
No service has been announced at this time, but Steve’s wife Nancy would like to invite family and friends who knew and worked with Steve to an informal Celebration of Life. It will be held at their home – 470 Wayne Road on Wednesday Dec 5th between 1 and 4 pm.

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Would you pay for something you’ll never get? Certainly doesn’t seem to bother Hydro…

 The Consumers always foot the bill – So Hydro just continues to pay ….?

After 6 months of negotiations, Capital Power continues to demand contractual concessions from it’s workers.
Now Capital Power has ratcheted up the pressure on workers at Island Generation by locking them out!
The local management group is in the plant. They have hired a security firm to videotape the locked out workers every move.  But it’s what management are doing hidden in the plant that should concern people!

They say they intend to try starting and operating the plant if they get the call from BC Hydro.

None of the management group at the facility has had formal training on the safe operation of the equipment so the mere notion of management employees starting up the plant on their own is frightening.

So why would management risk damaging the equipment and put their own personal safety in jeopardy?

It appears that if Capital can convince BC Hydro they have a fully operational plant, ready to supply power when required, Hydro is obligated to pay Capitol $millions$ each month as per the existing agreement.

However, if the Island Generation facility isn’t available, BC Hydro’s agreement gives them financial relief. Hydro doesn’t have to pay – instead, that money could be reallocated to any of the other infrastructure improvement projects being undertaken by Hydro around the province.

Certainly BC HYDRO can’t believe that 4 untrained managers can safely operate this 275 MW Power Generation Facility and guarantee their contractual obligations?   So why would they continue to pay?

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As you will notice, the Elk Falls Workers site has been re-purposed to help CEP 1123 workers circulate information about their current labour dispute.

Historically, Local 1123 and it’s members have had their fair share of experience when it comes to lockouts or strikes.  When we had over 1000 members taking turns walking the picket line, and the largest employer in town no longer producing, everyone in town was aware of what the issues were.   And they were always concerned about finding a way to get the parties back to the table and   There were many competing interests, but they all worked to find resolve to the outstanding issues. so we could all get back to work.

The current dispute with Island Generation is different in many ways.

The picket line is at the entrance to the facility on Orange Pt road, only visible to those in the neighborhood who drive that route.  Out of sight – Out of mind.

There are 14 members locked out, so they are required on the picket line for as many hours each week as they would normally work. 14 people on a picket line has a very minor financial impact the community so other parties resist getting involved – Not my problem – I’m OK.

But the biggest difference is Island Generation continues to be paid by BC Hydro. The 4 managers from the plant insist they are capable of operating the facility, and Hydro doesn’t appear to be calling their bluff.
With no financial impact to Island Generation there is little incentive to return to the table. How long will Hydro continue to pay for a facility that isn’t available. Consumers need to ask them why they are paying and why they are helping the employer try to extract concessions from the employees?

The 1123 members on the line are solid in their resolve, they will not to bullied into giving concessions.
They will be on the line for as long as it takes, so any way you could show support would be appreciated.
Whether dropping off a few sticks of firewood or just stopping by for a visit – It all helps…

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CEP 1123 members Locked Out…

The 14 remaining active CEP 1123 members who work at Island Generation were locked out at 5:00 am today by their employer Capitol Power.

Negotiation for a new collective agreement have been underway since April. The employer is asking the members to strip parts out of the collective agreement that have been in place throughout the industry for years.

The CEP members have been in a legal strike position since Sunday, however had postponed job action and instead applied to the LRB for mediation in an effort to resolve the outstanding issues. Despite agreeing to not lock members out until the mediation option was explored, the employer chose to renege on that and send the 14 members to the street.

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