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CEP 1123 members Locked Out…

The 14 remaining active CEP 1123 members who work at Island Generation were locked out at 5:00 am today by their employer Capitol Power.

Negotiation for a new collective agreement have been underway since April. The employer is asking the members to strip parts out of the collective agreement that have been in place throughout the industry for years.

The CEP members have been in a legal strike position since Sunday, however had postponed job action and instead applied to the LRB for mediation in an effort to resolve the outstanding issues. Despite agreeing to not lock members out until the mediation option was explored, the employer chose to renege on that and send the 14 members to the street.

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Arbitrator rules on who gets retiree benefits…

A few months ago we won an arbitration in which it was ruled that people who were 55 or older when they were severed from Catalyst, qualified for retiree benefits as well. The Union took the position that everyone 55 or older should qualify, and the Company contended that only those individuals who retired immediately after being severed would get the retiree benefits. We were back in front of the Arbitrator on Monday, asking him to clarify who was eligible to receive retiree benefits.
He issued his award today, and unfortunately we were not successful in our bid to have everyone get all retiree benefits.
The award essentially divides people effected into 3 categories.

1) Anyone who retired within the first 8 months following getting their severance would qualify for all retiree benefits (MSP, Extended Health, and Pop-up Bridging).

2) People who retired later than 8 months after receiving severance, but before the initial award was released (May 3, 2012) will receive retiree medical benefits only (MSP, Extended Health, but not Pop-up Bridging)

3) People that didn’t retire before the initial award was released do not qualify for any retiree benefits.

Because Catalyst has just emerged from CCAA, there will be no retro-activity for retiree benefits, they will be implemented as soon as possible on a going forward basis.

Because the award is full of personal details I will not be posting it, but will be contacting effected people to let them know their status.

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