Elk Falls Workers

Campbell River B.C.

Would you pay for something you’ll never get? Certainly doesn’t seem to bother Hydro…

 The Consumers always foot the bill – So Hydro just continues to pay ….?

After 6 months of negotiations, Capital Power continues to demand contractual concessions from it’s workers.
Now Capital Power has ratcheted up the pressure on workers at Island Generation by locking them out!
The local management group is in the plant. They have hired a security firm to videotape the locked out workers every move.  But it’s what management are doing hidden in the plant that should concern people!

They say they intend to try starting and operating the plant if they get the call from BC Hydro.

None of the management group at the facility has had formal training on the safe operation of the equipment so the mere notion of management employees starting up the plant on their own is frightening.

So why would management risk damaging the equipment and put their own personal safety in jeopardy?

It appears that if Capital can convince BC Hydro they have a fully operational plant, ready to supply power when required, Hydro is obligated to pay Capitol $millions$ each month as per the existing agreement.

However, if the Island Generation facility isn’t available, BC Hydro’s agreement gives them financial relief. Hydro doesn’t have to pay – instead, that money could be reallocated to any of the other infrastructure improvement projects being undertaken by Hydro around the province.

Certainly BC HYDRO can’t believe that 4 untrained managers can safely operate this 275 MW Power Generation Facility and guarantee their contractual obligations?   So why would they continue to pay?

November 10, 2012 - Posted by | Island Lockout

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