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LTD Recalc Arbitration…

After several years making it’s way through the grievance procedure, and over a year of waiting for a decision after a hearing that was held in 2011, we have finally received the arbitrators award on the recalculation of Long Term Disability Insurance benefit grievance.

For those of you that don’t recall what the issue was… and I can’t blame anyone for forgetting…..

In 2008 we negotiated changes to the language that specifies how people on LTDI have their benefit level recalculated. Changes to both the frequency of updates and the formula used for the updates, were made. Then in May 2009 employees qualified for a wage increase. (even though most were laid off and only a handful were working because of the indefinite curtailment) We inquired whether the employer had done the recalculations for those currently receiving LTDI benefits, and if not yet, when were they to be done? The employer’s response was that only those individuals who went onto LTDI after the agreement came into effect in December 2008 would be having their benefits recalculated using the new language.  We launched a grievance and now have our answer.

The Arbitrator found that the changes negotiated should apply to both groups of LTDI employees. Not just those who went onto benefits after the 2008- 2012 collective agreement was signed, but also those that were already on benefits before the agreement.

We still have many details to work out with the employer, but it does look like we’re getting closer to having the adjustments made. We will keep people updated as we work through the process.


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