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Work Opportunities in Powell River – Gate Hires

As part of their cost cutting initiatives last year, the Locals in Powell River agreed that under certain conditions they would allow the Company to utilize gate hires. The agreement gave laid off Catalyst Employees from the other divisions first opportunity for gate hire work.
The company is now in the process of implementing the agreement and are canvasing for a list of people that are interested in working as gate hires at the Powell River Division.

For any of you that are interested in occasional work in Powell River, its important to note that under their gate hire agreement:

You do not get paid travel or medical benefits.
You will be required to pay union dues to the Local there.
You and the Company will make pension contributions into the Pulp & Paper Pension Plan for all hour worked.

Here’s the request the company sent us:

As per our discussion, we are presently building a list of employees who are interested in working at Powell under our new Gate Hire Agreement.  Although there will be more work opportunities for laid-off trades people, we are also interested in hearing from operators for possible hatch watch, fire watch, and labouring opportunities.  Employees who are interested can contact Cathy Lindenthaler at 604-483-2630.

It will be required on an as-needed basis depending on manning needs. This could be for longer shuts, unscheduled down-time or major planned downs (Power Boiler and Total Mill Outages).  Once an employee has their name on the list, we would call in the event we need them.  At this time, we do not have any dates in mind but want to be prepared to execute the gate hire program when we need to.  Our Power Boiler down is scheduled to take place from Nov. 15-24 and we are presently determining manning needs.

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