Elk Falls Workers

Campbell River B.C.

As you will notice, the Elk Falls Workers site has been re-purposed to help CEP 1123 workers circulate information about their current labour dispute.

Historically, Local 1123 and it’s members have had their fair share of experience when it comes to lockouts or strikes.  When we had over 1000 members taking turns walking the picket line, and the largest employer in town no longer producing, everyone in town was aware of what the issues were.   And they were always concerned about finding a way to get the parties back to the table and   There were many competing interests, but they all worked to find resolve to the outstanding issues. so we could all get back to work.

The current dispute with Island Generation is different in many ways.

The picket line is at the entrance to the facility on Orange Pt road, only visible to those in the neighborhood who drive that route.  Out of sight – Out of mind.

There are 14 members locked out, so they are required on the picket line for as many hours each week as they would normally work. 14 people on a picket line has a very minor financial impact the community so other parties resist getting involved – Not my problem – I’m OK.

But the biggest difference is Island Generation continues to be paid by BC Hydro. The 4 managers from the plant insist they are capable of operating the facility, and Hydro doesn’t appear to be calling their bluff.
With no financial impact to Island Generation there is little incentive to return to the table. How long will Hydro continue to pay for a facility that isn’t available. Consumers need to ask them why they are paying and why they are helping the employer try to extract concessions from the employees?

The 1123 members on the line are solid in their resolve, they will not to bullied into giving concessions.
They will be on the line for as long as it takes, so any way you could show support would be appreciated.
Whether dropping off a few sticks of firewood or just stopping by for a visit – It all helps…

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