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Cost savings meetings

June 22: The standing committee was in Vancouver today to present a  $80 dollar a ton proposal to the company executives. We presented our plan in front of the CEO along with local 630. The company listened to what we presented and  asked some questions on some of the details. They then thanked us for our presentation and promised to take a good look at it and get back to us as soon as they could.

Update: June 30
We received a call today informing us that Company representatives will be in town on Thursday July 2, to give a formal response to our proposal       –    Ian

Update: July 2
630/1123 met jointly with the Company today to hear their response to our $80/ton proposal. They said that while our proposal was similar to other Locals, and even offered greater cost savings in some areas, it simply isn’t enough. Our Committee is going to meet tomorrow after which we’ll post a detailed report from the meeting with the Company.   Ian

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Cost Savings Meetings

We were scheduled to meet with the company this Monday to continue with the $80 dollar per ton meetings that were started before the feb shutdown.I talked to the company early last week to confirm and was told there was a problem with clearing Brian Johnson’s schedule.The company called us late last friday to let us know they were too busy next week  and they would get back to us on Monday to set dates. We should know more for the general meeting on Monday but I expect we will meet the following week.

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Cost savings meetings

Local 1123 had a standing committee the middle of last week. We put in formal grievances on a number of issues that have come up with the layoff. I asked if the company was interested yet in having meeting on their cost savings initiative($80/ton) and they said they would be. They said they would set meetings up for mid June when everyone is available. I have asked about meeting to explore cost savings everytime we get together and this is the first time they have said they are interested, so we will see if they actually happen.Us and local 630 will meet together as per normal.

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Any interest in the Petroleum Industry?

Local 1123 & 630 have been working with a group out of Alberta setting up a pilot project to transition laid-off Pulp & Paper workers into the petroleum industry.  What’s been identified is that the workforce at our P&P mill is highly skilled and many of those skills would be an asset to anyone thinking of moving into the Petroleum Industry.

An information session has been set up for May 28, here are the details:


Date: May 28, 2009 – 9:00 am – 12:00 pm
Location: Maritime Heritage Center, Campbell River, BC

Laid off Catalyst employees interested in transitioning into the Petroleum Industry & who fall into one of the following categories.

  • Steam Engineers and Journey-certified Tradesmen or Apprentices who are transferable to current in-demand petroleum occupations.
  • Process Operations employees interested in achieving a 4th class Engineers certificate to access medium-term petroleum occupations.

To orient targeted downsized workers transferable to in-demand petroleum occupations about:

  • The upstream petroleum industry and its employment opportunities;
  • Transferability of their skills and experience;
  • How to effectively search for oil and gas jobs; and
  • Available services and programs to aid in their transition.

If you are interested in attending – Please call Lori at (250) 286-6239 to confirm your attendance.

Note: This is not a Job Fair and there won’t be Employer Representatives in attendance.

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