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Special Assessment Fund to return monies to contributors…

The remainder of monies set aside for supplemental strike pay and health and welfare coverage, to assist any Locals that ended up in a labour dispute , is being returned to the Local for redistribution to those of you that contributed. Finally….

That’s the good news…

Unfortunately, since Elk Falls shut down, many of you have relocated and while we have received a number of forwarding addresses, many of you haven’t sent them in.  We will be preparing cheques over the next couple of weeks, and for those that actually want to receive the money in a timely manner, this gives you time to get us your new address before we start mailing things out.

You can call the office – (250) 286-6239
Email us at :    cep1123@telus.net
or you can reply to this post (we won’t be publishing any responses)

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Celebration of Life for Joe Young…

We are sad to inform everyone that retiree Joe Young recently passed away.  Joe was an Ocean Falls transferee that came to Elk Falls in 1972. His job was millwrighting, but Joe was also a past President and long time executive member of Local 1123. For me, he was one of “the characters” that made going to work such an enjoyable experience. He never changed after retirement, and it was always a pleasure to chat and laugh with him whenever the opportunity arose.

There will be a Celebration of Life at the Elk Hall in Campbell River this Saturday (May 14) from 2:00 pm to 7:00 pm.

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Employment Opportunity at Catalyst

Catalyst has an ad out looking for entry level operation positions at their Powell River division.

Here is a link to the ad if anyone is interested.


Operations Employment Opportunity and Application Process

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Elk Falls Auction

The company has put all the equipment at Elk Falls on the Maynards Auction site now as many former employees have pointed out to me. I knew this day would come, but it still amazes me that someone would liquidate an asset as valuable as that site just to stop competition for customers and fiber. It also amazes me that we still have a government that has made absolutely no effort to stop the loss of forestry jobs while our wood gets cut down and shipped past all the empty mill sites to some other country to create jobs.
Hopefully this will mean at some point they will be willing to let some one else come in and use the site for business other than Pulp and Paper. There are still lots of great advantages to the site like a sewer treatment plant, fresh water license and pipeline, a deep sea port, a hydro substation and numerous shops and warehouses. It would sure be nice to see some jobs come into the town instead of them leaving.

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Update on Earned Time Off Grievance

Dec 9th update – We were informed by the Company that today they would be paying out the monies owed to individuals who had ETO wrongly paid out at base rate. For people whom they have banking information on file, the money will be deposited directly into your account -and  for those who have been removed from their system, they will be sending out cheques to the last address they had on file.
People who can’t understand how they arrived at the amount they did, should contact the company and request more information or a printed breakdown. Phone:  250-734-8024

If you are unsuccessful at that or unsatisfied with the explanation, contact our office and we will go over it with you.

Back Pay for Earned Time Off – The Company has informed us that it is taking significantly longer than they anticipated to calculate the amounts still owing for time off taken since peoples’ card rate was unilaterally changed to base rate.
The Company now believes they will have all the calculations done and money paid out by the end of the year.
PS – I’m just the messenger

Strike Fund – At the last wage caucus meeting held in October, delegates maintained the position that no further money would be returned from the regional strike fund until there was a resolve to Local 1129 (the last Local) negotiations. People felt that it was inappropriate to wind up the fund while there is still the one Local trying to achieve the pattern.

For anyone that has moved – make sure that the Local has your new address so when monies are returned to the Local, we can send them to the right place.


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Paper Excellence Still Hunting for Pulpmills…

CEP Local 1120 and Paper Excellence Reach Agreement

We are pleased to inform you that we have reached an agreement with the new owners of the pulp mill in Prince Albert, Saskatchewan. After a respectful and forward looking set of negotiations between CEP Local 1120 and Paper Excellence the members have voted 97% in favour of a new agreement.

This is a critical next step in the process of potentially reopening the pulp operations that were shut down 5 years ago. The new owners, Paper Excellence, have yet to conclude the final deal with both the Saskatchewan government and Domtar. However, we are very optimistic that this will successfully be concluded by the end of November. If so, it is the intention of Paper Excellence to have the restarted operation selling product by the fall of 2011. Continue reading

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Social Club

The Elk Falls social club is having a get together for past and present members.
It will be a Pizza night on Oct 16th from 5-7pm at the Campbell River Curling Club.

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Deadline looming for applications for CDTrust money…

There has been a change to the deadline to apply for the BC Government’s Community Development Trust Tuition Assistance program for forestry workers to September 30th, 2010. Previously I believe the deadline was December 31, but it now states on their website that this has changed “due to a high number of applications received”.
If you haven’t already applied, you don’t have much more time available to do so.

The website which has all the information on how to apply is http://www.cd.gov.bc.ca/cdt/index.htm

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