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Campbell River B.C.

Industry in Crisis – Yet Government does Nothing!

Campaign for Government Attention

The CEP launches their campaign to bring Forest Industry issues to the Harper Governments' attention.

Canada’s forest industry is in crisis. Ten of thousands of laid off workers from coast to coast are at risk of losing their homes, their savings. Hundreds of forest communities are fighting for their survival. The Conservative government has done nothing meaningful yet to help one of the main industrial sectors of the country.

Get involved in the campaign to save forestry jobs. Visit the CEP.ca website to know how your Local and your members can help.

M. Harper, pay attention to the forest workers’ fight-back campaign! In the next few weeks, our voices will be heard in all parts of the country. We want the same level of support as was promised to the auto sector, including loan guarantees to mills, to save jobs. The federal government must also act to ensure that sufficient E/I benefits are available to workers who have toiled all their lives, yet are struggling to make ends meet during this difficult time.

This issue won’t go away, Mr. Harper. Act now or you can also lose your job come election time.

May 21, 2009 Posted by | - Government, CEP Issues | 2 Comments