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Health & Welfare Benefits

Last week the Company sent out letters to a number of 630/1123 members that were laid off in December, informing them their MSP & extended medical benefits would expire at the end of June.

At least one of these individuals worked up until the end of 3rd week of February, so there was some concern on his part that the Company wasn’t following the collective agreement which states:

Art XXI – Sec 6: Welfare Coverage

(d) An employee who has welfare coverage … , will on return to work have his her coverage extended by one month for each month in which he/she works.

Under this clause, anyone who was laid off in December but worked as little as 1 day in either Jan or Feb would have their Welfare Coverage extended by another month.  If they worked 1 day in each Jan and Feb the coverage would be extended  2 months.

As it turns out, the Company hadn’t properly tracked whether people on layoff had been called in to work, so they are issuing notices tied to the original date of layoff.

If you recieved a letter from the Company stating you Welfare Coverage is about to expire and you worked in any of the months you were deemed “on layoff”, you should contact the Company right away to get things straighted out before they cut you off.

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