Elk Falls Workers

Campbell River B.C.

Final Retiree Benefits Arbitration…

Members who were aged 55 or older when they took severance from Catalyst – Elk Falls were enrolled in and started to received post retirement benefits immediately after severing.
In late 2011  the Company did an audit of when people currently on benefits had applied for and started receiving their Pulp & Paper Pension.  They discovered that a number of people who were in receipt of post retirement benefits hadn’t started the process to draw their pension upon severance.    The Company stopped paying benefits for this group of ex members, and we filed a grievance which proceeded to arbitration.

Arbitrator Dorsey was appointed to hear our grievance, and he issued his award yesterday. His award followed similar guidelines as used by Arbitrator Hall in an earlier arbitration concerning severance and receipt of post retirement benefits.  See Posts from Oct 24, 2012

This award also divides people effected into 3 categories.

1) Anyone who retired within the first 8 months following application for severance would qualify for all retiree benefits (MSP, Extended Health, and Pop-up Bridging).

2) People who retired later than 8 months after applying for severance, but earlier than 20 months after applying for severance will receive retiree medical benefits only (MSP, Extended Health, but not Pop-up Bridging)

3) People that retired later than 20 months or that didn’t retire at all do not receive any post retirement benefits.

There will be no retro-activity for retiree benefits, and they will be implemented as soon as possible on a going forward basis. (ideally by July 1, 2013)

Because this award (like the last) is full of personal details I will not be posting it, but will be contacting effected people to let them know their status.

June 19, 2013 - Posted by | General

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