Elk Falls Workers

Campbell River B.C.

Special Assessment Fund to return monies to contributors…

The remainder of monies set aside for supplemental strike pay and health and welfare coverage, to assist any Locals that ended up in a labour dispute , is being returned to the Local for redistribution to those of you that contributed. Finally….

That’s the good news…

Unfortunately, since Elk Falls shut down, many of you have relocated and while we have received a number of forwarding addresses, many of you haven’t sent them in.  We will be preparing cheques over the next couple of weeks, and for those that actually want to receive the money in a timely manner, this gives you time to get us your new address before we start mailing things out.

You can call the office – (250) 286-6239
Email us at :    cep1123@telus.net
or you can reply to this post (we won’t be publishing any responses)

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