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Elk Proposal

At the town hall meeting the company on May 20th a member off the floor had asked the company to turn their proposal into something that looks like a proposed contract. They did that and sent Ian and myself a copy of that on Thursday night. As we are both out of town right now and won’t be returning until Tuesday, it is our intention to have another joint 630-1123 information meeting this coming week to show it to the members and fill them in on the latest news.

May 30, 2010 - Posted by | News


  1. So, I get home Thursday after 3 weeks away and start reading the local Campbell River Rags and lo and behold my blood starts to boil. I had had a couple of drinks and was going to write something but thought better of it. Well it is now four days later and my blood is still boiling. I so wish I could have been present for the Curly, Larry and Moe show. I have to admit for a time there I was actually buying into some of their rhetoric (read shit). They really must have believed in their simplistic little thought process’ that those of us that did not elect to sever would run up like lap dogs and lick their feet. How dare you come back again and again with the same piece of garbage. You talk about long term stability, well guess what boys and girls, you had that! It was a contract that we signed in good faith and the whole bloody time you had no intention of running. Even Brian Johnston has been quoted as saying that back during the $80 a ton negotiations, nothing would have prevented our shutdown.
    So what happened to the great fibre shortage of 2009? Did it all of a sudden disappear? You are not bargaining in good faith, Oh I am sorry did I use the word bargain, I forgot dictators do not bargain. I like Campbell River, I like the island, but I like myself more (a man has to have some dignity) and signing this trash is just the beginning. Never mind the rest of the caucus , I mean just us. I worked for one of these “new deals” and everything went out the window, including safety. Every day if and when we go back you’ll get the March of the Tin Soldiers with their little sheets of paper and the daily recital of the speech of the day. Speaking of which, I haven’t heard the word synergy in a quite while, hey Lynne how about a page of synergy quotes? God, how I miss Whitehead and Fletcher Challenge.
    What’s next when the few remaining tradesmen opt to sever rather than work for this crap? Go to the government and ask to recruit some more from, say the Philippines, because no one will work for you! This deal is a pig and puttin’ lipstick on a pig , doesn’t change it. A pig is a pig. Have a nice day !

    Comment by 1123 member | May 31, 2010 | Reply

  2. Catalyst Paper Names Denis Jean Interim President, CEO

    The appointment of Denis Jean, a current board director as the company’s interim president and chief executive officer, effective immediately.

    Jean was president and chief executive of Cascades Fine Papers Group Inc. from 2002 to 2005. Jean’s appointment would enable the board to complete the executive search with assurance of a seamless transition to a new chief executive in due course.

    Comment by CEP member in good standing | May 31, 2010 | Reply

    • *Richard Garneau* named to AbitibiBowater Board of Directors today. Wow. That didn’t take long.

      At least he’ll be closer to his family.

      Ya gotta love the way business works, you can virtually destroy one company and as soon as you leave the next company can’t wait to snap you up.

      Comment by movedon.com | June 3, 2010 | Reply

      • They eat their own. King Richards legacy with Catalyst may be summed up in how this company, under his regime, treated it’s salaried employees, union labor notwithstanding.
        Check out the following link to see what I mean.

        Comment by itsagoal | June 5, 2010

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