Elk Falls Workers

Campbell River B.C.

Cost savings meetings

June 22: The standing committee was in Vancouver today to present a  $80 dollar a ton proposal to the company executives. We presented our plan in front of the CEO along with local 630. The company listened to what we presented and  asked some questions on some of the details. They then thanked us for our presentation and promised to take a good look at it and get back to us as soon as they could.

Update: June 30
We received a call today informing us that Company representatives will be in town on Thursday July 2, to give a formal response to our proposal       –    Ian

Update: July 2
630/1123 met jointly with the Company today to hear their response to our $80/ton proposal. They said that while our proposal was similar to other Locals, and even offered greater cost savings in some areas, it simply isn’t enough. Our Committee is going to meet tomorrow after which we’ll post a detailed report from the meeting with the Company.   Ian

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